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Our Complete Maintenance Packages cover:

  • Clean and degrease filter elements – Using a supplied cleaning solution**

  • Empty, deep clean, wet vacuum and rinsing of hot tub shell.

  • Jets and pillows inspected and cleaned.

  • Full inspection of components – All components such as pump, blowers, valves, lights, etc are checked. Pumps checked for noise and leaks, blowers checked for noise, valve o-rings lubricated, lighting system checked for proper operation and ensure the LED lighting is properly synchronized .

  • Check ozonator – clean and inspect.

  • Full plumbing inspection for leaks – All pipe work and glued joints are checked.

  • Check heater and circulation pumps.

  • Tighten all unions and inspect, replace any union gaskets if necessary.

  • Spa started and all pumps primed of air.

  • Initial water balance using customers chemicals.

  • Clean and inspect cover.

  • Service report with any comments and advise.

**NOTE: older filters may need replacing.

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