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Hot Tub Repair and Spa Service

We offer a professional repair service for your hot tub – we have vast experience and knowledge so you are assured of fair pricing and that your hot tub is fixed quickly and efficiently, we understand you want to get you hot tub repaired and back up and running as soon as possible.

We cover repairs on most all major brands including:

  • LA Spas

  • Infinity Spas

  • Jacuzzi Spas

  • Marquis Spas

  • Elite Spas

  • Spa Depot Spas

  • All tubs with Balboa Electronics, Gecko Alliance, Spa Builders


Our labor rate is $120.00 for the service call.  The $120 will be applied towards the estimate our service professional provides. There is a $120.00 minimum.


Most of our repairs are performed in 1 hour with some going to 2 hours. Rarely will we have a non- plumbing repair that takes three hours or more to perform. All parts used in the course of the repair will be billed out at the current regular retail price. A leak repair estimate is just that, an estimate. While we exercise due diligence based upon our prior experience and knowledge of products, circumstances may arise during the course of the repair causing it to be priced differently than the estimate. If it becomes apparent the repair will be cost prohibitive, we will stop repair efforts and advise you of this and of your options.

Request Service Online

Schedule Service

In order to schedule the time slot for your repair, please call us at (702) 263-7961 or fill out the repair request form.

Call Us Today: (702) 263-7961

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