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The Founder of AG Spas, Bryan Kratz, began serving the Southwest in 2000, after getting tired of North Dakota winters.

He built his business on maintaining an exemplary reputation, a strong following, and an excellent rapport with customers. A strong work ethic, honesty, integrity, and punctuality are the hallmarks of AG Spas, belief in working until the job is done, and done correctly. AG Spas is today, the most reliable and trusted refurbished hot tub and swimspa sales, service and relocation provider in the Southwest based in the Las Vegas Valley.

Stephanie and Bianca, our office staff, are always ready to help and they do it with a smile and a laugh. They keep everything running smoothly and are the heart and soul of AG Spas 

Jason, our service team leader, has been handling spas problems for many years. He and his team always go above and beyond to make customers incredibly satisfied. There is nothing they can't handle with their experience and professionalism. 

John Mayo, our sales manager, is a retired Physical Therapist and hydrotherapy/injury management Florida State board instructor with over 12 years experience in matching the right Spa to the needs of the customer with ZERO pressure. 

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