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Clean and degrease filter elements

Empty, deep clean, wet vacuum and rinsing of hot tub shell.

Jets and pillows inspected and cleaned.

Full inspection of components – All components such as pump, blowers, valves, lights, etc are checked.

Pumps checked for noise and leaks, blowers checked for noise,

valve o-rings lubricated, lighting system checked for proper operation and ensure the LED lighting is properly synchronized.

Check ozonator – clean and inspect.

Full plumbing inspection for leaks


All pipe work and glued joints are checked.

Check heater and circulation pumps.

Tighten all unions and inspect, replace any union gaskets if necessary.

Spa started and all pumps primed of air.

Initial water balance using customers chemicals.

Clean and inspect cover.

Service report with any comments and advise.

**NOTE: older filters may need replacing.

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